Kulturkampf pro Nordeuropa

About me, Andre-Hans “Captain” von BREMEN… My name is Andre-Hans von Bremen, I am born in Brussels in 1945 (now then 72) and I live in Cityport of Antwerp in Flanders of Belgium in Europe…My original familial environment was of Small Middle-Class with Socialist influences. I had a Communist brother ( first pro-Moscow and later […]

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Money… Geld… Penger…

Having Money or not having Money… that is the question ! In my personal case, the situation is clear : 72 and still obliged to work to survive while the Belgian State picks me 48,465 % of all I earn above my pension because they want to finance Open Borders, Free Housing, Free Healthcare & […]

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Daniel FRIBERG… Must Read !

Daniel FRIBERG, MBA, is CEO of the Swedish mining corporation Wiking Mineral and was a founding member of the Swedish Metapolitical Think Tank MOTPOL. He has a long history in the Swedish opposition and was one of the founders of Publisher ARKTOS that has published his book in several european languages. This “New Right Handbook” […]

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Iceland… THE example !

    The small country Iceland is THE example… and this at several levels : 1° They are not EU but members of EFTA European Free Trade Association grouping also Norway and Swiss + Lichtenstein. An association where the members remain free to decide about their destiny, their politic and their money. See http://www.efta.int 2° […]

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The “Rhineland Model” concept is simple : opposing a Positive Constructive Capitalism with a Long Term Vision AND a Social Dimension to the Negative Speculating Capitalism with Short Term Profit and NO Social Dimension. This “Rhineland Model” has been conceptualized in 1991 by the Frenchman Michel ALBERT in his prophetic book named “CAPITALISM AGAINST CAPITALISM”. […]


Let’s go EFTA !

All Northern-European countries and Visegrad Group members should all go together to EFTA = European Free Trade Association, as Norway, Zwitserland/Lichtenstein & Iceland. Example : Iceland where the “Banksters” are in Jail instead of being financed by our Taxes A Free association where each country-member remain free of their own destiny !

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