Sweden Awake ! Good News !

Gustav KASSELSTRAND has announced the creation of a new Political Party in Sweden… “Stop Migrations & Start Repatriations to their Homelands !” ALTERNATIV för SVERIGE – Alternative for Sweden is already present on Facebook ! Their website is : https://alternativforsverige.se/ Might the Force of our Gods be with them !  

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Kulturkampf pro Nordeuropa

About me, Andre-Hans “Captain” von BREMEN… My name is Andre-Hans von Bremen, I am born in Brussels in 1945 (now then 72) and I live in Cityport of Antwerp in Flanders of Belgium in Europe…My original familial environment was of Small Middle-Class with Socialist influences. I had a Communist brother ( first pro-Moscow and later […]

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Money… Geld… Penger…

Having Money or not having Money… that is the question ! In my personal case, the situation is clear : 72 and still obliged to work to survive while the Belgian State picks me 48,465 % of all I earn above my pension because they want to finance Open Borders, Free Housing, Free Healthcare & […]

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Daniel FRIBERG… Must Read !

Daniel FRIBERG, MBA, is CEO of the Swedish mining corporation Wiking Mineral and was a founding member of the Swedish Metapolitical Think Tank MOTPOL. He has a long history in the Swedish opposition and was one of the founders of Publisher ARKTOS that has published his book in several european languages. This “New Right Handbook” […]

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