NORDLANDIA – JOY & FREEDOM… in East Germany ! image_550145916202013

This story is an Uchrony, also named Alternate History : a fictional story happening after a “Moment of Divergence” that is here the fact that the Wall did not fall on the night of 9 November 1989. Fiction means “pure imagination” and any ressemblance with dead or living persons is then purely coincidence…

Additionally, this story is also written in the mind of “Participative Writing” meaning that Readers can also become Co-Writers or eventually Hero within the story…

Graphic or photographic Illustrators and creators of Comic Strips and Videos are of course also very welcome in an eventual collaboration, in order to maximalize the polyvalency of web design…

If interested in participating, contact the Author via :

It speaks from itself that all Rights of Reproductions are reserved and the complete mention of this Blog must be done with all reference to the present story :


NORDLANDIA… Joy & Freedom in East Germany…

Berlin, 8 November 1989…

The slow poison of westernized half city in the middle of a pure and hard Communist country ended up in producing the effects desired by the West; television, families in the West and the dream of a better life in the West : Pushing the crowds of DDR to openly express their disapproval of their « System » by mass demonstrations in several major cities of East Germany and mainly in East Berlin.

All those events have forced the DDR authoritie to re-think « The Wall » in question because they were aware of too much negative effects that it produced on their own people who had come to feel more in captivity than « protected from the West »…

After a long and difficult meeting, the Politburo had finally decided to agree to the « Freedom of Travel » for the DDR Citizens. Release is immediately written and given to Gunther Shabowski during his own already programmed Press Conference on the same day. Shabowski makes his own prepared speech and remembers at the last minute that he still has to read the Press Release of the Politburo about « Freedom of Travel Abroad ».

This is a great surprize for the Journalists ! One of them, quicker than the others, asks immediately : « When will it be effective ? ». Shabowski hesitates, reads again the Press Release and finds no starting on it. AN IMMEDIATE EFFECT BEING IN HIS MIND COMPLETELY UNTHINKABLE, he takes on his own to say that the practical aspects will be annouced on Friday 15th December 1989 (the date of his own already programmed Press Conference) in order to allow the Politburo to study the practical organisation of it.

The night of the 9 November 1989 is caml but joyous because all DDR citizens had a drink to celebrate the coming « Freedom of Travel Abroad”… The Wall did not fall this night !

Rostock, 9 November 1989…

The Captain Andre-Hans von BREMEN of the DDR Volksmarine was on the “Grey List” of the Stasi because resgistred as R.E.D. (Reliable but Eventually Dangerous) due to the fact he had already often spoken (in private circles but often infiltrated by Stasi “Informant”) about his non-conventional New Social Contract combining “Progressive” ideas in total conformity with the Line of the Party AND Neo-Conservative ideas. It was for him a great surprize to be awakened by a phone call coming from the Central Secretariat of the Politburo in Berlin telling him to be present the day after at 2 o’clock PM at the Head Quarter of the Politburo that will be in extraordinary reunion. The only explanation he received was that is was coming in the frame of the recent decision of the Politburo to agree with the “Freedom of Travel Abroad” for the DDR Citizens…

Berlin, 10 November 1989… Invitation to a Presentation

The Kapitän Viktor KIRAPRINE of G.R.U. (Military Secret Service) was in fact Major in the STASI (State’s Secret Service). He was today nervous because he had to give a friendly welcome to Volksmarine’s Captain Andre-Hans von BREMEN. In the eyes of KIRAPRINE, most of the Volksmarine people were dubious elements : only the men with Green Shoulderstraps of GBK Grenzbrigade Küste were, for him, occupied with serious problems.

Kapitän Andre-Hans von BREMEN was a Blue-Shoulderstraps with a star on his sleeve as “Embarked” and KIRAPRINE knew his visitor was on KGB “Grey List”… What made KIRAPRINE doubting about Captain von BREMEN is not only the fact that his Mother, named Berengère de Paris, was a “Française” very attached to the French story, but mainly by the fact that KIRAPRINE was aware that – when on Duty as Cultural Attaché in Paris – the Captain von BREMEN has been in contact with people of the French Nouvelle Droite named G.R.E.C.E for Groupe de Recherche et d’Etude de la Civilisation Européenne… a tendency perceived as highly subversive by the orthodox Communists as KIRAPRINE but also by his good friend (and undercover collegue…) the Pastor Piotr KASMIERCZACK, Leader of Socialism & Christianism, the Official association that was in charge of keeping an eye on the Religious Dimension within the DDR Population.

Captain von BREMEN, said KIRAPRINE with a forced smile, the Highest Authorities are aware of your personal search for an “Alternative Social Contract” and I have been instructed to invite you to be here this evening again, at 21 o’clock, in order to make a Presentation of your ideas with a list of proposals to the Politburo, that they think it can be useful in the frame of the recently decided “Freedom of Travel Abroad”…

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